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Tour Operator's Liability

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When most people hear the weather forecaster say, “There’s a ‘small front’ just south of the island but it shouldn’t affect us,” they take a deep breath and relax. But to a Tour Operator, those words signal a ‘red flag’ and time to get going to see how the ‘small front’ will affect travelers.

Cases brought against Tour Operators can be complex, even if, on the surface, they seem straightforward, and appear to be caused by negligence on the part of the tourist. The cases that go to litigation are expensive and can be costly for the Tour Operator who is not covered by Tour Operator Errors and Omission Insurance. Tour Operator Insurance that covers Errors and Omissions is essential as it protects your business, your finances, and your peace of mind.

This covers registered/licensed tour operators for legal liabilities they may incur as a result of the negligent operation of their business