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Nyumba Yako/ Your House 
Covers from the smallest sum insured to the largest, from a single risk location to multiple locations we provide the best insurance protection available with Full cover for all household assets.
One also gets to insure their building, personal property, and liability all at a given best rate.

Biashara Yako/ Your Business 
Get your business cover for building, stock and liability (on premises only). Subject to stock register.

Ofisi Yako/ Your Office
This is a perfect cover for your office as it lets you insure your building, Office property, Liability all at one best rate provided. (On premises only)
Furniture, Fixtures and fittings.
Electronic equipment.
All risk items. (Mobile phones, Pads/Tablets & Laptops)

Ahadi is an all risk cover that covers perils arising due to 

  • Fire, Lightning or thunderbolt, Explosion, Additional perils as are stated in the schedule to be included.
  • Theft of Contents or personal items
  • Burglary
  • Damage of Electronic equipment's (Accidental)
  • Liability raised to the insured.

Requirements for cover are:

  • Duly Completed Proposal Form
  • List and breakdown of items to be covered, with value separation and serial numbers indicated
  • Number/Certificate/Valid NIDA ID
  • Pre - Inspection Photo of the insured items
  • Premium Payment

In the event of a claim kindly contact us via or you may wish to visit our nearest offices. 

Minimum Claim Requirements

  • Claim form completed
  • Proforma invoice
  • Technical report
  • Police report (s)
  • Pictures - for damaged items
  • Insured statement of loss

*Additional Documents may be required depending on the nature of claim